5 Simple Tips to Make It a Great Day!

5 Simple Tips to Make It a Great Day

1.  Hydrate first thing in the morning - Eat within one hour of waking, before you have any hot (coffee, tea) or cold juices.  However, room temperature water is wonderful to have sitting next to your bed.  Drink water throughout the day and try not to have a lot of water during your meals.  This can impair absorption of vitamins and minerals.  

2. Vegetables are the new fruit - Veggies for breakfast!  Try having veggies with your eggs or a glass of carrot or veggie juice.  Starting your day with vegetables will provide your body with more vitamins and minerals than a "One-a-Day" vitamin over the counter.

3.  Stop and Breathe - So you are rushing out the door and exhausted, you grab a pastry and coffee, and now STOP, watch your mental chatter, and take 5 deep breaths.   

4.  No more Diets. The first 3 letters are DIE! - PLEASE become a student of you.  Today we can research and discover so many concepts regarding nutrition.  Are you eat every 2 hours or only 4 meals per day? Are you drinking enough water?  Gather all the information for you and customize it to fit your body and lifestyle.

5.  Start your journal today - Starting a food diary is possibly the most important step you can take toward developing a lifestyle that leads to long-term weight loss success.
·    You can have an honest view of your current habits.
·    It's the key to finding the way of eating you can live with.
·    It can help you make the eating-emotions connection as to why you overeat.
·    It serves as a tool that you can use later on to measure your progress.
·    If you continue to keep it at your goal weight, it will help you find the problem areas that have previously stood between you and long-term weight maintenance.

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