Here at Team Fit, we pride ourselves on our energetic, fun-loving and welcoming environment.  Our core values empower our trainers to fully pursue our mission, realize their potential, and ensure a caring, innovative, challenging, and performance-oriented culture.

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Hello, my name is Andrea Fignar.  I am excited to be a part of Team Fit!  Let me tell you a little about myself.  I have always had a passion for dance.  I took dance, mostly tap and hip hop from about age 3 to 18 years old.  Even though I took dance my entire youth, I was always an overweight child.  I struggled with weight and did weight watchers on several different attempts to lose weight.  Finally, in 2008, I decided it was my last and final time to lose weight and keep it off.  I joined weight watchers and lost 50 lbs, but then I was at a stand still.  I went and googled a fun way to exercise, and that's how I found out what Zumba was.  I went to my first Zumba class, and instantly fell in love.  I just knew from the first moment it was my true calling.  Within 2 months, I became a liscensed instructor.  While I was taking classes and becoming an instructor, I really grew to love fitness.  It has in general became my new passion in life.  I then lost another 36 lbs, and finally, after my whole life of struggling I am happy with the way I am.  Zumba has really become my savior in life, I love to motivate and inspire people by sharing my weight loss success, plus it is the funnest way out there to get your workout on!  I have a true love for what I do, and I look forward to sharing that love with all of you!!

Shelly Glass has always been a dancer, so falling in love with Zumba Fitness was no surprise!  She received her Bachelors of Science and teacher certification from Eastern Michigan University in Spring of 2005, became pregnant that fall and was blessed with a son in June of 2006.  A short 19 months later, the family welcomed a set of healthy boy/girl twins, and life got really busy!  It was during this time that Shelly realized her physical, mental, and spiritual health needed to be in top shape.  She had dealt with high cholesterol and sodium sensitivity during college, along with gestational diabetes and hypertension during pregnancies. She strived to make fitness and healthy eating a lifestyle, and still is!  After years of taking classes, she was encouraged by her fellow Zumba participants and family to become an instructor.  She was certified in 2014 and has continued teaching Zumba at local gyms, as well as participating in community events, fundraisers, and school activities.  Shelly devotes much of her time to volunteering at her children’s elementary school, helping with the PTO and intervention sessions.  Her hobbies include fishing, boating, hiking, gardening, and reading. 

Chris Lamanna is a passionate and dedicated student of the yogic arts. While attending college at Central Michigan University he felt called to something deeper, his disenchantment with life as he knew it led to a search for meaning. He spent many hours immersed in the study of religion, of alchemy and mythology, of yoga, tarot and astrology. His studies led him to develop a regular yoga practice which has evolved into a deeper connection with life itself which he yearns to share with others through the practices of yoga/meditation. He understands yoga as an art and science of refining the human organism starting with the gross(body)and moving to the subtle(spirit). Though he began practicing in his late teens, he received his 200 E-RYT yoga certification from The Yoga Studio of Seattle under Richard Schatchel in March of 2015. He is very excited to begin this new journey with Team Fit and looks forward to meeting many more teachers and students along his path.  

Joann Young is a long time yoga and meditation practitioner who decided to pursue certification as a teacher after a long bout of challenged health. I studied at StrongHeart Yoga and became an RYT-200 in 2016. I also have a background as a Recreational Therapist, Child Life Specialist and Reiki Master. The uniting factor is my passion to help others and promote wellness and healing to everyone I serve.
My goal as a teacher is to explore movement and mindfulness as ways to cope with everyday stressors, and lead my students to personal discovery with self-compassion. My style is playful, authentic and grounded. I will guide you through a balanced practice so that when you leave your mat you will feel refreshed, nourished and balanced. 

Samantha Orr: Hi. I'm  Sam.  I am 22 years old and a graduate from Grand Valley State University with a degree in Exercise Science and Health Fitness.  I am super pumped to the a part of the Let's Get Healthy kids program.  I will the lead instructor at the Sterling Heights location. I enjoy running, karate and soccer.  

My name is Karen Green. I own a graphic design studio, and have 15 year old triplet boys. have struggled with my weight since I was in elementary school. When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) which amongst other problems, makes it very difficult to lose/maintain weight. I went from being chubby, to fat, obese, morbidly obese, and finally super morbidly obese. I went on diet after diet, and would lose 50-100 pounds, but once I went “off” the diet, I would gain all the weight back, plus more. I didn’t want to exercise, because just getting up one flight of stairs had me huffing and puffing. It was in 2009, that my health started declining. My blood pressure went up, and was always in the neighborhood of 160/100. I had sleep apnea, chronic pain, chronic inflammation, GERD, and horrible headaches. I had blood work in the beginning of the year that indicated possible celiac disease, and from that point forward, I removed wheat from my diet. My pain and headaches went away, and I started breathing/feeling better. But my GERD, high blood pressure,and sleep apnea didn’t resolve. I decided that I needed more help than just diet, and decided to get a Lap-Band. I went in for all the tests, and failed each one miserably. Specifically, the Cardiac Stress test. I had to have a Cardiac Catheterization to see if there truly was calcifications in my heart. going to Zumba again. Once I was back, I knew it was time... and I went and got my certification to teach Zumba, and have been teaching ever since! Thankfully, the machine read my results wrong (because I was so large,the machine saw fat tissue as calcifications) I was finally cleared to get the Lap-Band, and had the surgery in August, 2009. I lost 100 pounds in the first six months, and then lost another 50 pounds in the next six months. I started exercising in August, 2010, by going to Zumba classes. In June 2011, I had lost 200 pounds, and had an arm-lift, breast-lift and tummy tuck. Once I was cleared to start exercising, I started going to Zumba again. Once I was back, I knew it was time... and I went and got my certification to teach Zumba, and have been teaching ever since!

Michele Rager Michele is a trained yoga therapist and an experienced registered yoga teacher (E-RYT) with over 1500 hours of teaching experience. Michele believes that yoga is for any BODY. Her focus is on the healing aspects of the practice. Using yoga as part of a holistic approach to self-improvement, Michele’s classes incorporate proven methods for developing an awareness of the connection between body, mind and spirit. Michele took her initial yoga training through a direct lineage, oral tradition, under the tutelage of Christie Cairo with emphasis on the Ashtanga style inspired by the eight limbs of yoga as penned by Patanjali, with further training under Nancy Candea of the International Yoga Therapy nstitute. Michele is also available for private yoga therapy sessions. 

Jennifer “Jenergy” Phillips: is excited to be a part of the Team Fit. Fitness has always been a part of Jennifer’s life and she has always strives to be in the best shape possible. She is licensed to teach Zumba Fitness, Jennifer’s passion for Zumba and her journey to become an instructor started soon after she was introduced to the Zumba Zin. Jennifer became an instructor to spread her love for Zumba to others while also having fun doing it. Her motivation is the joy and happiness that she brings to others while helping them overcome the troubles of exercising. When not teaching Zumba she enjoys spending time with her husband, two children and three grandchildren. Her family is her motivation to continue spreading “Jenergy” to others.

Jill L. Jacobsen, is a certified personal trainer & group fitness instructor who motivates, educates, and inspires people. Jill earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.  She continued her education and completed her fitness certifications through AFPA.  Each year, Jill attended fitness conventions to advance her studies and gain new ideas and perspectives. 
Living her talk, Jill is passionate, practical and engaging, inspiring others to take action with understandable insights into the impact of balanced lifestyles, healthy foods and self-health. She makes 'healthier habits' realistic, easy, enjoyable, affordable, sustainable and delicious. Jill is well known for her enthusiastic, attentive and welcoming personality, enabling doable transitions to sustainable healthier lifestyles and for positively impacting the lives of her clients and their families.
An author of numerous positive mind set articles and hundreds of recipes, Jill demonstrates her love of life and learning how to embrace it in all its guts and glory. Her ongoing studies see her learning, adapting, revising, and rewriting everything from recipes to life views. She does her best to nurture herself from with-in and live each day fully. It is this very practice that makes Jill so real, so easy to relate to and so able to speak to you. Her work-her vocation is the essence of her very soul.
Her three books, Simply Slender Fitness + Nutrition = RESULTS! Picnics & Parties Without the Pounds and Small Plates are designed to help others cherish, prepare and savour fabulous foods that nourish their mind, body, heart and spirit.  Jill also hosts healthy food conferences in the Metro Detroit Area which discusses eating for everyday living, meal preparation demonstrations and overall success when it comes to fitness.

Marie Fachini-Kurily is thrilled to be part of Team Fit. Marie is a certified AFAA Group Fitness Instructor as well as a certified Personal Trainer. She is licensed to teach Zumba Fitness, Zumba Gold, ZumbAtomics, Zumba Toning, as well as, Zumba in the Circuit. Marie became a group fitness instructor with the intent of starting a Zumba Club at her middle school where she is a guidance counselor. Marie has successfully lead Zumba classes at her school and throughout the community for several years. Her dedication to promoting physical fitness in the schools has also included teaching Zumba classes with sports teams. Marie hosts Body Sculpting and (TNT) Tighten and Trim classes using weights. She loves sharing fitness with people of all ages. Each age group brings a different joy and energy to the work out.
Marie earned her Bachelors Degree in Instrumental Music/Health from Central Michigan University. She holds a Masters Degree in Guidance and Counseling and a Specialist Degree in Educational Administration from Wayne State University. Marie has been working in education for the past 25 years. This includes working as a middle school guidance counselor supporting adolescents through personal and academic challenges for 17 years. When not at school or teaching fitness classes, Marie enjoys spending time with family and friends traveling, cycling, skiing and attending concerts or sporting events. Her husband and two adult children continue to inspire her to create a happy and healthy lifestyle. Marie is excited to motivate Team Fit clients to stay healthy while having fun in various fitness classes.

Melissa Zwicker has been studying martial arts since 1988. She has been teaching Tai Chi in the Detroit and surrounding area for the past 15 years and has been with Team Fit for the past 5 years. Melissa works with all levels of students ranging from children to senior citizens. She is a RN of 34 years and has an unique way of blending the ancient art of Tai Chi and Western medicine for a well rounded holistic program that benefits and inspires her students.

Stacie Jalbert-Frazher is a group fitness instructor for T.E.A.M Fit through the Saint Clair Shores program and has been with T.E.A.M Fit since it’s start in 2006, where she began as a student in Jill’s Kickboxing class. Stacie earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Lake Superior State University in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan.
Hobbies include running, relaxing with a good book or dabbling in the art of interior design in her home.
Stacie is newly married and lives in lovely Harrison Township.

My name is Angela Donnellon and I am a certified AFAA group instructor, licence in Zumba, Zumba Gold, Toning and Aqua and a Belly Dance instructor. I am from Ft Wayne Indiana and attended Indiana University for 2 years before joining the Army in 1986-1993. I moved to Michigan with husband who is from Eastpointe Michigan in 1995. I have a list of employment after getting out of service. I was a licence hair stylist, postal worker and eventually worked for Chrysler for over 8 years before taking the buyout to attend OCC for Exercise Science.
During my many employment I took an interest in any dance that was out of the norm. I loved to dance and at the time was an infomercial fanatic and had all the exercise craze video. I jumped on the Zumba ban wagon back in the early 2000s. I began to study Belly and Latin Dance in the year 2000. I began choreography routines for family reunions and job events held by employers. My hobby before attending school for Personal trainer was fitness, preferable dance but love boxing and kick boxing as well. My other hobby is working with Veteran in the UAW Veterans committee.
I starting attending Zumba classes around 2008 and became certified in May of 2010. I think for many of the trained dancer and dance lover, Zumba is an Godsend. We cant all be professional Dancer and make an living from it. So many tie it into fitness. It has given many who could or would not make a career out of dance a second chance, to do something they love for a living.
With that said, I am proud to be a part of the Team Fit team and hope to have a long successful relationship.